I cannot fully express how proud of these youth I am. They showed up for the planning meetings. They showed up early in the morning on Indigenous People's Day to help set-up. They took care of elders and anyone who needed support. They took on the responsibility of hosting a successful pow-wow. I look forward to continuing being there as they grow into the leaders this community needs. You all did an amazing job.

UNYO would like to send a special shoutout to those who helped sponsor the Indigenous People's Day Pow-wow. First, our Primary Sponsor Better Health Together and our Supporting Sponsor Empire Health Foundation. We appreciate the work you are doing to create a space for the Indigenous community here in Spokane. To those who visited the UNYO booth and purchased swag that goes directly to funding the programs for the youth, those who made direct contributions to organizations for continued work of youth indigenous leadership. Thank you to Jennyfer Mesa at Latinos in Spokane for connecting us with great food for our dinner and sharing your culture with the community as well. Thank you to the non-native community for showing up in the space and being intrigued, open-minded, and supportive of the ongoing existence of our people and our culture. To the hardcore pow-wow family that can't get enough, some traveled far and wide overnight just to make it and share your passion and life with the people of Spokane. Finally, to the elders who showed up in support of the youth, your attendance was proof of how important these young ones are and the efforts they put forward. Thank you all for being there and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Covid Community Care

Through are partnerships with the Department of Health, Spectrum Center of Spokane, Planned Parent Hood, APIC, and BHT we have been able to offer Covid community care. Our youth have had the opportunity to help with vaccination clinics and have hosted covid information events. Our most recent event was at the SIYB 14U baseball tournament held at Rogers Highschool. With Velma Brehm as our honored speaker and Eaglestone as our host


UNYO Members and Rogers Legion baseball players (Graham Nesbitt, Oso Ramos, Bokerok Hilai) delivering Covid information kits. Sponsored by the Department of Health.