All My Relations

Relationship is essential to indigenous people. We understand the importance of every entity to a tribe. Whether it be the relationship we have with our community, our environment, or our winged, our other two-legged and four-legged bothers and sisters, and our water dwelling family. We understand that if we are to survive we all have to protect and take care of each other.

Honor Song for Covid Memorial Tournament.mp4

Eaglestone singing an honor song for those who may have lost someone or those effected by the impacts of covid.

Scyla working with Camas at horse training, building relationship.


Velma Brehm giving the land acknowledgement, blessing, and sharing the indigenous values of taking care of your community means. At the UNYO Covid information event.

TikTok 1.0.mp4

Elder Darlene McCarty sharing her wisdom and knowledge with UNYO youth leaders to continue the traditional ways going. Darlene made her great journey home to our ancestors a couple months after this interview. Thank you Darlene for your love and leadership. Limlmt

Dexter offering smudge and prayers before a vaccination clinic to help protect those working to protect the community.