Urban Native Youth Organization

Urban Native Youth Organization is excited to be starting our series of Sunday Elder Dinner's. UNYO youth leaders will be creating and serving nutritious meals for the elders of our community. These meals will feature a guest chef that will collaborate with the youth to offer a new flare to some of our traditional foods. Along with the meals there will be entertainment like games, stories, movies, music, crafts.

Along with our meals we will be partnering with Spectrum Center of Spokane to bring clinics that will offer information about Covid-19, flu shots, vaccinations for covid and other diseases/viruses. Our youth are committed to taking care of their community and with these Dinners and Clinics. UNYO is excited to do just that. So, Welcome all and hope to see you there. Please RSVP if you would like to reserve a spot to join us or help out.


Urban Native Youth Organization creates a safe and welcoming environment where native youth build leadership development skills through high levels of sports participation, mentoring, cultural education, and exposure to traditional practices.

Creating Youth Leaders

UNYO supporting the MMIW/P movement

Elite Sportsmanship

UNYO athlete's getting there work in with trainers from Catalyst fitness

Personal Empowerment

We strive to help those youth to find there indigenous voices and share it with the world

Creating Youth Leaders

  • Creating opportunities for Natives to become more connected to the culture

  • Inter-relational connections with Elders

  • Language programs

  • Facilities for cultural practices e.g. participating in sweats, traditional dancing, beading, drumming, and more

  • Detoxifying colonialism in our communities

  • Cultural education of the truth on what happened in American history and locally

Elite Sportsmanship

  • Healthy alternatives for youths with sports at competitive levels

  • Suicide and crisis prevention

  • Safe place for kids to engage in protective factors

Personal Empowerment

  • Leader development for youth

  • Work-study and mentorship programs

  • Job placement and trainings

  • Creating a culture of inclusivity and validation within the community

Programs focus on health and wellness with an emphasis on personal empowerment and raising self-esteem.

Using a holistic approach through exposure to sports, history, and the arts we instill confidence and build a strong native youth community with influential native voices in the Pacific Northwest.

For inquiries, contact randy@urbannativeyouth.org

You can also visit our "Contact" page to send us a message.

To Sign up to become an UNYO member go to and copy a version of the form and email back to randy@urbannativeyouth.org : UNYO Membership Form A - Google Docs

Urban Native Youth Organization is fiscally sponsored by Spectrum Center Spokane 501(c)(3)